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Cute Hair Ideas for the Gym (+ How to Preserve a Blowout!) - 3 Expert DIY Tips

Celebrities know a thing or two about looking good for the camera, so it almost comes as no suprise that these leading ladies still sizzle on their way to—and even from!—the gym. While you might not be able to mimic the designer workout duds and gym bags they sport, there is one super-simple secret you can steal from celebs—cute gym hair!

Kim Kardashian styles her gym hair in a twisted topknot. And workout queen Vanessa Hudgens—she doesn't have that toned tummy for no reason, ya'll—loves to mix it up between sleek ponies and tousled side-braids. Last but not least, Brooklyn Decker gives a classic ponytail a twist by amping up the volume. All gorgeous, no?

We caught up with celebrity hairstylist Edward Tricomi, founder and co-owner of the celeb-fave Warren-Tricomi salons, to get his top tips on how to style your hair for the gym. Here's what he told us:

Here's an easy way to keep hair off your face: "Headbands. I’m really into headbands at the gym because they pull your hair back and off of your face."

Here’s a cool DIY headband trick to try: "Cut the legs off a pair of old opaque stockings, and wrap it around your head, like a headband, to pull the hair off your face. Then use the remaining pieces—the ones hanging down from where your tied the material together—to pull your hair into a ponytail. Hair is off your face in a headband and in a ponytail at the same time. No elastic needed!"

Here's how to preserve a blowout, even after an intense workout: "You'll need a headband so the hair around your face is pulled back. Also, the cloth from the opaque stocking won’t leave dents in your hair the way an elastic would. (So try the trick above!) When you’re done working out, just unwrap the make-shift headband and ponytail combo, and add a bit of dry-shampoo to absorb moisture."

We're dying to know—how do you, personally, wear your hair to the gym? Are you a throw-up-your-hair-and-go kinda gal? Do you rock a topknot a la Kim Kardashian? Also, do you have any secret hair essentials? Spill in the comments, below!
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