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Third Day Festivities of Eid-ul-Azha- The Festival of Sacrifice

Eid-ul-Azha symbolize the end of the hajj, commemorates Ibrahim’s Faith and devotion to Allah. Muslims celebrate this festival by sacrifice a cow, lamb or camel and distribute its meat among family, relatives and poor. Food is dominant chapter of the whole celebration and mostly, is in the form of elegant family feasts which mostly includes meat dishes and desserts. People wear new clothes on this Fest. Many designers launch their special collections for Eid. Women and young girls wear different colorful bangles, jewellery; apply henna on their hands, arms and feet.

In many regions around the world, it is also known as Eid-ul-kabir; people start their day with a Morning Prayer and sacrifice of the animal- a cow, goat or camel. People greet each other, exchange gifts and they have feast with their family and friends. It is a custom to prepare organ meats, for instance liver, kidneys and heart, on the day of the sacrifice and entertain all three days of the festival with varieties of meatier dishes including steamed lamb and Mrouzia (a beef casserole with raisins). Different kinds of desserts are made which add colors to this Eid Festival. Special dishes of fruit, candy and salads are placed on table for kids. First two days of the Eid are quite hectic and many people spent it by hosting lunches and dinners.

Third day- the last day of the meat-fest starts with sweet breakfast such as Seviyan, or vermicelli noodles, kheer (rice pudding) and sheer khurma. Few people start their day with healthy meatier dishes such as Paaye ka salan, Nihari, Haleem and Magaz Masla (Brain Curry). Most of the people plan to spend third day of Eid with people which they find to do I regular days. It is easy to plan something different on this day such as picnic, watch a movie, or other outside activity.

Many people like to go out to visit their relatives living outside the town. Some people spend their day visiting different amusement parks, cinemas with friends and families. In the evening, everyone gathers at sophisticated family feast where friends and relatives celebrate few last hours of Eid. Dinner mostly includes barbecue, Meat loaf, Stuffed Red Peppers (Stuff bell peppers with a mixture of rice, beef, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and tomatoes), Salisbury steak with Mushrooms (Seasoned beef patties are simmered in a mushroom and onion sauce) and Beef Pasta. Desserts mostly include Feerni, Kheer, Custard, Fudge Brownie, Muffins and Apple Pie with ice- cream.

Team of Fashion Central celebrated wishes everyone a very delightful, pleasant and wonderful Eid day. Celebrate it with essence of brotherhood and embrace each other with love and walk together in harmony. Make your Eid holiday as perfect time for your friends and family. It’s time to end up all the disputes and make your life cheerful and contend. Try to enjoy all minute moments with your family with you might have ignored in your regular days with bliss of cheerfulness. Stay blessed and a happy Eid Mubarik!
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