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Latest Tips For Skin Care in Winter 2012-13

Winter season is a dry season and our skin requires to be properly nourished with a balanced diet and a proper skin that is moisturized and cleansed properly. The winter season healthy skin proper care guide here at Style-choice.blogspot.com provides you with the most important winter tips that help you tackle the dry healthy skin proper care problems. The winter season healthy epidermis proper care tips include a proper healthy skin proper care guide;


Although winter season isn’t a wet season like the summer you still have to detoxify the epidermis properly but the cleaner has to have frothy moisture for the winter season season to fix the dry problem. Use the cleaner to remove the makeup and the needless dirt.

Hot water shower

It seems absolutely heavenly to have a hot water bath in winters, no doubt it seems relaxing but it ruin dry epidermis so all those with a dry skin should try having a lukewarm bath instead of hot water.

Chapped lips

One of the most common problems of winter healthy skin care are the chapped mouth and the best winter healthy skin care tip would be the most common as well; to use a lip cream. But this winter healthy skin care tip considers that the cream should be at least SPF 15 and preferably one with antiseptic agents to aid in healing them. The balms with the tea tree ingredient are the best for healing painful cracks.

Knowing the type of epidermis use the moisturizer; even if you have oily skin you still should use slight amount of lotion during the winter season season for nourishing the skin and to help the skin glow. If you do not use lotion during winters the skin will end up looking dull.
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