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Casual Short Hairstyles 2013

Casual short hairstyles are easy-going, free-flowing, and unstructured. A cute short cut is popular with women who find it difficult to manage long hairstyles. Most of the shorter cuts are designed with a minimal fuss factor in mind. Cut types include razor cuts, precision cuts, and several different layering techniques, which let the hair flow in a natural form and shape. With some well-recognized celebrities favoring short hairstyles, the shorter styles are now becoming almost a fashion norm.
Casual short hairstyles are bold and breezy, as long as they do not present you with a chipmunk effect. A full-length cut with long and flowing locks is able to slim the appearance of the face by effectively hiding the sides, while a short cut is more inclined to leave the face exposed and bare. Some of the short styles can even curl around the cheeks, which will make the face seem even rounder, and therefore you want to make sure to choose a cut that is stylish and chic, and doesn't leave the face looking chubby.
Opting for a more casual look definitely has its advantages. You'll have more freedom of movement, plus you won't find yourself stressing / obsessing over your outfit all night long. Yes, you can do away with long gowns, stilettos and tiaras, but it's still important that you look good no matter what outfit you're wearing. Make sure your hairstyle and makeup compliment your overall look. Since you're going for a more laid back look, you don't have to bother with full updos and other prom hairstyles that can take hours to prepare. Because you're young and can get away with any look you choose, you have unlimited possibilities for hairstyles. For example, immediately below are a few suggestions for casual short hairstyles.
Casual short hairstyles with naturally wavy or curly hair. A short bob styled cut can look great on women with either straight or curly hair. The curly bob is similar to the straight bob, but rather than having straight hair fall around the face, the curls are styled to extend outward. Woman and girls don't always have the time to look after a full-length hairstyle so a short cut is a great alternative, with these shorter cuts needing a lot less maintenance and attention. The key is to find a hairstyle that complement the face shape, requires the minimal amount of up-keep, and is able to accentuate a person's natural beauty.
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