How To Do A French Twist

French twist is an stylish and traditional locks design which has been around for decades. The design which rocked allover almost half a century ago, is back in design. In contrast to the typical believe that France creativities come ideal only in long locks, brief and medium-haired ladies too can expert the art with a little test and exercise.

So, are you ready to rock the style?

Step I
To begin with, prepare your hair for smoking hot French Twist by shampooing it with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner and towel or blow-dry it. If you’ve naturally curly hair, make it sure to straighten them before beginning with the French Twist.

Step II
After your hair is completely dried, tease it to remove any tangles and then sweep it to preferred side-right or left and insert bobby pins vertically, interlacing them to secure the hair. Finish of by pushing the last pin downwards.

Step III
Mist your hair with a liberal amount of hairspray. Thereafter gather your entire hair in one hand and twist firmly, pulling upwards.
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