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Latest Beauty Tips for Pimples

Acne is such a frustrating and uncomfortable skin disease that imparts an unpleasant impact of your character and also brings your level of confidence down. Acne may appear on your face, chest area, neck, back and even on shoulder area.

However, getting rid of this frustrating epidermis disease is not tough; thanks to a variety of natural skin care and cosmetics available today that eliminates or at least covers the pimples creating the impact of clear skin.

Beauty Tips for Pimples
Take some rose water and freshly squeezed orange juice and mix them together to get a concoction for acne treatment. Apply the concoction to pimple epidermis for almost thirty minutes. Regular use of the remedy for more or less one month will definitely bring remarkable improvement in your epidermis disease.

Lemon juice in combination with equal amount of groundnut oil offers you relief from this embarrassing epidermis disease. In the same way, paste obtained by mixing freshly squeezed orange juice and sandalwood powder is also effectual for reducing acne. A mixture of freshly squeezed orange juice with cinnamon power is also helpful in treating Pimples.Apply raw papaya juice over the pimple skin to get rid of pesky skin condition naturally.
Mix coriander juice and adequate mount of turmeric well to get a paste. Apply the paste over the face or other effected skin to cure pimples effectively. Mint juice can also be used if coriander juice isn't at hand.
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