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Latest Hairstyles La La Vazquez 2013

“Oh la la, you are so beautiful and hot!” Sorry, this phrase is not for you, my valuable visitors, at all! For Whom? It’s for the attractive and stunning United states celebrity Mrs. Anthony. Yippee, women, we’re going to present to you a lookbook of the hair-styles used by La La Vazquez, or aka La La Anthony, through her profession lifestyle. Before anything, you need to know a number of significant factors regarding her hair. The vital factor is that it has been either lengthy or method. I do not remember seeing her use brief hair, do you? The second factor is that it has approved over different shades through the years: black, golden-haired and ombre. For your details, the black lengthy hair have been like her most favorite, as she is used them most of the time!

I’m pretty sure that her true fans and followers know exactly the haircut I’m talking about. If you don’t know it, you can simply scroll down and take a glimpse at the attached pictures below to see it! Oops, I forgot to tell you that the talented star has been seen wearing a sideswept classic braid, which had a spectacular and sexy look.

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